Digital Infrastructure Investment Summit

Where Digital Infrastructure and Investment meet

Europe is facing challenges in renewing and optimizing its infrastructures. That issue needs to be tackled quickly if the Old-Continent is to avoid falling behind on a global scale. Di² strives to turn this situation into an opportunity: While investors are desperately looking for profitable long-term ventures, tons of dormant projects are only waiting to be taken into hands!

Di² enables match-making between investors, service providers, asset owners and other stakeholders by focusing on concrete transactions rather than talk. The organisation is thereby bridging the existing gap between all actors in the current digital infrastructure and financial worlds.

The Digital Infrastructure Investment Summit on 12 March in Frankfurt, Germany is the climax of Di²’s activities. This platform gathers the players able to answer Europe’s needs regarding the construction of the digital infrastructure required for future competition and economic growth.

Meet asset owners, investors, advisers, policy-makers from all over Europe and help to shape our future digital infrastructure landscape!


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Tickets for the Digital Infrastructure Investment Summit include free entry to the BREKO Fibre Fair 2018.



Veranstaltungsort:   Airport Club Frankfurt

60549 Frankfurt am Main

  • Welcome Dinner - Ristorante Tridico (FFM)
    11. März 2018
    19:30 - 22:00
  • Digital Infrastructure Investment Summit
    12. März 2018
    10:00 - 20:00

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