After 20 years: Competition past, present and future

Where competition in the EU telecommunications industry has been, where it is and where it will go

As more and more sectors are going digital and embracing connectivity, the question of competitive offers arises anew. Today, the ability to offer intuitive, flexible and reliable communications solutions is becoming important to an ever larger range of businesses.

The ecta Regulatory Conference 2018 will therefore focus on the questions of how to protect and stimulate telecoms competition and its role in the digital transformation of the European economy as a whole. Twenty years after the full liberalisation of telecommunications in the EU, do the successes of competition remain viable or have they come under threat? What will future telecoms and telecoms-enabled competition look like, and how well do current and prospective tools match evolving market realities?

ecta invites old, new and forthcoming competitors and those who take an interest in the competitive well-being of communications markets alike to hear experts from operational, policy and regulatory contexts discuss these questions and to contribute to the debate. Keynotes, panel sessions and midday briefings as well as networking opportunities provide the ideal setting to review what has been achieved, grasp imminent changes under the European Electronic Communications Code and envisage future prospects for competition.

With this year’s conference, ecta not only marks its unwavering commitment of two decades to accompany liberalised telecoms markets on their path to competition. We also want to stress that competitive telecommunications are not a done deal, and that the policy vision of a Gigabit society critically depends on them.

Below you see a range of the topics across which these points will be discussed. Join us for the event and have your say. We hope to see you there.



  • The competition challenges in the race to 5G
  • The European Electronic Communications Code and its implementation
  • Investment risk and WACC determination in regulatory proceedings
  • Emerging EU regulation of online platforms
  • Access in the Data Economy
  • Wholesale Access: How virtual products impact competition
  • Open Internet: Which future for net neutrality and what about operating systems and app stores?
  • Consolidation in the telecoms industry: Boon or bane for EU welfare?
  • Competing for connected mobility: The role of telecommunications


  • 27. November 2018 - 28. November 2018
    10:00 - 18:00

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