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The German Broadband Association (BREKO) represents the majority of all alternative fixed line broadband network operators in Germany. BREKO members rely on future-proof fibre infrastructures and currently account for more than 60 percent of the competitive FTTB/H deployment.

Since its inception in 1999, BREKO has successfully advocated competition on the German telecommunications market. Our more than 270 members, including more than 150 city and regional carriers as well as municipal utilities, provide urban as well as rural areas, the so-called "white spots", with high-performance fibre access. To this end, they invest more than EUR 1.5 billion every year. BREKO companies thus make a major contribution to the comprehensive fibre deployment in Germany as well as to the achievement of the German Federal Government’s broadband targets.

BREKO members are willing and prepared to continue their significant investments in order to establish fibre as the proper foundation for digitisation and to pave the way for Germany towards the Gigabit Society. BREKO is committed to achieving this goal by providing expert knowledge on adequate political and regulatory framework conditions. Consequently, the leading German fibre association has positioned itself with a clear infrastructure target of comprehensive coverage of fibre access providing at least 1 Gbps by 2025.

BREKO has evolved into a strong union consisting of the BREKO Association, the BREKO Purchasing Group, and the BREKO Service Company. Within this union, we join the forces of our members to strengthen competition on the German telecommunications market!

BREKO Purchasing Group - Stronger together!

With the founding of the BREKO Purchasing Group in 2010, BREKO created a commercial platform for its members and thus economic added value.

The concept of the Purchasing Group is as follows: it aggregates the demand of the local and regional carriers and can therefore purchase wholesale products for its members under particularly favourable conditions. This way, individual BREKO Purchasing Group members have already for some time been able to offer high-quality mobile telephony products as a white label wholesale product at attractive prices to their customers, using the network of the German Telefónica brand O2. The final end-customer relationship is directly established between a member of the BREKO Purchasing Group and its end-customers.

The BREKO Purchasing Group is involved in ongoing negotiations with suppliers in order to expand its portfolio. Do not hesitate to contact us and become part of a stronger community!

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BREKO Service Company

Fibre Fairs, expert seminars on telecommunications issues and more!

The BREKO Service Company was founded to organise and carry out conferences, expert seminars, and trade fairs in the area of information and telecommunication technology (ICT).

The 8th edition of the BREKO Fibre Fair powered by BEL 2 will take place on the 27-28 March 2019 at the Congress Center in Wiesbaden. The BREKO Fibre Fair offers you a perfect combination of exhibitions, conferences, seminars and networking. In summary: two fully packed days, which will be worthwhile for you as an exhibitor.

  • 1,400+ expert visitors (among whom at least 60% representatives of network operators at management level, technology, and sales)
  • A high-level conference programme
  • Seminars from A to Z: With experts from academia and research, politics, and the industry
  • 150+ exhibitors: The Who’s Who of suppliers and service providers
  • Networking event at the Palais Frankfurt/Main

Are you interested in exhibiting or booking a sponsorship package? Contact us!

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The BREKO Service Company is also active in organising seminars and trainings in the ICT field and offers services in this area.

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BREKO Research

BREKO Research conducts regular surveys among its network operators - currently 165 undertakings - and uses publicly available sources to verify and determine overall market data. These figures form part of the BREKO Broadband Study and the BREKO Broadband Compass. With about 80% of the broadband network operators represented by BREKO, these figures are significant and make an important statement on the German telecommunications market.


BREKO Broadband Study 2016

On 12 September 2016, the German Broadband Association (BREKO) presented its market data on the current state of the German telecommunications market.

The most important result of the BREKO Broadband Study 2016 was that the deployment of ultra-fast fibre connections to the building (FTTB) or directly to the home (FTTH) is primarily driven by BREKO network operators. More than 150 network carriers of the leading German fibre association carry out more than 60% of the competitive deployment (as of mid-2015). All alternative network operators combined deploy 80%. The competitors of the former incumbent Deutsche Telekom invested a total of 4.2 billion euros in the German telecommunications market in 2015, representing 53% of the total investment.


BREKO Broadband Compass (in German)

The theme of the BREKO Broadband Compass 2016-2017 is “We build the networks! Fibre deployment Made in Germany”. Fibre networks are the backbone of a modern economy and effectively promote digitisation for the benefit of citizens and businesses in Germany and Europe. They form the indispensable foundation that paves our way towards the Gigabit Society! This implies for BREKO that in particular local and regional network operators are strong partners for cities and municipalities in developing high-performance, ultra-fast fibre networks – both in urban and rural areas.


Our more than 280 members are convinced that there is still a lot to be done. First of all, the right framework conditions have to be ensured and improved for our more than 1.9 billion annual investments in broadband networks. The dominant players in the market will make every effort to regain the shares lost to competition. The technological progress is ongoing and leads to new rules as well as new challenges in the market.

You too can become a BREKO member!

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Hence, there are many good reasons to become part of a larger network and to profit from nearly 15 years of experience and competence. In the following, we have listed the main reasons to become a member of the German Broadband Association BREKO:

Working groups and project groups

Working Group Regulation & Strategy

This working group covers all topics relevant to competition with a view to improving the regulatory environment. In this context, the working group actively engages in developing strategies and shaping the overall positioning of the association, which is reflected in legislation, policy measures and regulatory procedures both in Germany and increasingly also in the European institutions.

  • Quarterly meetings
  • 14-day telephone conferences

Working Group Fibre

In addition to the relevant exchanges of information and experience, the working group has the goal of optimising the parameters of a business case by means of different measures. The focus lies on the creation of an information brochure for financial institutions as well as on marketing concepts, cost analyses and market monitoring.

  • Quarterly meetings

Working Group Technology

The working group offers the ideal platform for exchange between industry and manufacturers, dealing with both technical details and technological innovations. The working group is further enhanced by the competence of the BREKO Technical Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is composed of experts from the telecommunications industry and advises the BREKO Executive Board based on its many years of professional expertise.

  • Quarterly meetings

Project Groups

Currently, the following Project Groups are active:

Vectoring, TV Services, Local Loop Quality, Local Loop Reference Offer Proceedings, Implementation of the German Telecoms Act

  • Temporary for the implementation of certain tasks

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