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BREKO Association

The German Broadband Association (BREKO) represents the majority of all alternative fixed line broadband network operators in Germany. BREKO members rely on future-proof fibre infrastructure and currently account for around 70 percent of the competitive FTTB/H deployment.

Since its inception in 1999, BREKO has successfully advocated for competition on the German telecommunications market. All of our members, including city and regional carriers as well as municipal utilities, provide urban as well as rural areas, the so-called "white spots", with high-performance fibre access. In 2019, telecommunications investments were € 9.6 billion. BREKO companies thus make a major contribution to the comprehensive fibre deployment in Germany and to the achievement of the German Federal Government’s broadband targets.

BREKO members are willing and prepared to continue their significant investments in order to establish fibre as the proper foundation for digitisation and to pave the way for Germany towards the Gigabit Society. BREKO is committed to achieving this goal by providing expert knowledge on adequate political and regulatory framework conditions. The leading German fibre association has positioned itself consistently with a clear infrastructure target - fibre networks to – at least – the buildings.

BREKO has evolved into a strong union consisting of the BREKO Association, the BREKO Purchasing Group, and the BREKO Service Company. Within this union, we join the forces of our members to strengthen competition on the German telecommunications market!

BREKO Purchasing Group - Stronger together!

In 2010, BREKO has established a commercial platform that added economic value for its members: the BREKO Purchasing Group.

The concept of the Purchasing Group is as follows: it aggregates the demand of the local and regional carriers and can thus purchase wholesale products for its members under particularly favourable conditions. As a result, individual BREKO Purchasing Group members have been able to offer high-quality mobile communications services as white label wholesale products to attractive price conditions to their customers for a while. They are using the network of the German Telefónica brand O2. The end-customer relationship is directly established between a member of the BREKO Purchasing Group and its respective end-customers.

The BREKO Purchasing Group is involved in continued negotiations with suppliers in order to expand its portfolio. Do not hesitate to contact us and to join our strong alliance!

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BREKO Service Company

Fibre Fairs, expert workshops on telecommunications, and more!

The BREKO Service Company has been established to organise and carry out conferences, expert workshops, and trade fairs on the Information and Telecommunication Technology (ICT). The 100 percent subsidiary of the BREKO Association sees itself as a service provider that strengthens the competitiveness of its network operators.

The FIBERDAYS20, originally planned for 5th and 6th March, will take place on 13th and 14th October 2020 at the Congress Centre in Wiesbaden. The BREKO Fibre Fair offers you a perfect combination of exhibitions, conferences, workshops and networking. In summary: two fully packed days, which will be valuable for you as an exhibitor:

  • 3,000+ expert visitors (at least 60% are representatives of network operators at management level, from technology and sales departments)
  • a high-level conference programme
  • workshops from A to Z: With experts from academia, politics, and industry
  • 200+ exhibitors: The Who’s Who of suppliers and service providers
  • a networking event

Are you interested in exhibiting or in booking a sponsorship package? Contact us!

Still undecided? Get an impression of the 2019 edition Fair here!

BREKO Research

BREKO conducts regular surveys among its network operators and uses publicly available sources to verify and determine overall market data. These figures form an essential part of the BREKO Broadband Study and the Broadband Compass. Since BREKO represents approximately 80% of broadband network operators, these figures make a meaningful contribution to the German telecommunications market.

The latest BREKO Broadband Study20 shows:

In 2019, telecommunications investments were € 9.6 billion. BREKO network operators have successfully switched (Homes Activated) 42% of all available fibreconnections (Homes Connected). This figure is above the European average (EU39: approx. 40 %).

By 2023, approx. 22 million fibreconnections (Homes Connected) will be available in Germany. Competitors will provide just under 2/3 of these connections.

Position Papers


  • Position Paper Sustainability English (Download)
  • Sustainability Assessment English (Download)
  • European Election Paper English (Download)
  • Europawahlpapier German (Download)


  • Deutsche EU-Ratspräsidentschaft, 2. Halbjahr 2020 German (Download)
  • German EU Council Presidency, 2nd half 2020 English (Download)


  • Gigabit vouchers for citizens and companies – turning Germany into a Gigabit Country English (Download)
  • Concept proposal for broadband funding prioritisation English (Download)


European Local Fibre Alliance (ELFA) Position Paper

  • 03/2019: ELFA European Election Paper – moving towards a European Gigabit Society: Europe needs to pave the way with fibre across the continent to become a 5G world leader. We are convinced that Member States leading the FTTH deployment will also be leaders of the 5G. English (Download)
  • 06/2018: The  European  Local  Fibre  Alliance  comments on the political agreements on the Telecoms Code (Download)
  • 03/2018: European local operators demand: Telecoms rules should set the right incentives for fibre deployment in Europe (Download)


#NetCompetition Alliance Position Papers

  • 05/2018: #NetCompetition Alliance urges EU lawmakers to keep focus on competition and avoid anti-competitive deregulation in the European Electronic Communications Code (Download)
  • 04/2018: #NetCompetition Alliance's response to BEREC's consultation on the evaluation of the application of Regulation (EU) 2015/2120 and the BEREC Net Neutrality Guidelines (Download)


More than 360 of our members are convinced that there is still a lot to be done. First, the right framework conditions must be ensured and improved for more than 2 billion annual investments in broadband networks. The dominant players in the market will make every effort to regain the shares lost to competition. The technological progress moves on and leads to new rules and challenges in the market.

You too can become a BREKO member!

Download your membership application form:

Hence, there are many good reasons to become part of a larger network and to profit from nearly 20 years of experience and competence. In the following, we have listed the main reasons to become a member of the German Broadband Association BREKO:

Working groups and project groups

Working Group Regulation & Strategy

This working group covers all topics relevant to competition with a view to improving the regulatory environment. The working group engages in developing strategies and shaping the overall positioning of the association. This is reflected in its legislation, policy measures and regulatory procedures both in Germany and increasingly also at European level.

  • quarterly meetings
  • bi-weekly telephone conferences

Working Group Fibre

The working group has the objective to optimise the parameters of a business case through different action policies. The work aims at creating an information brochure for financial institutions, marketing concepts, cost analyses and a market monitoring. Besides, the group provides its members with the opportunity to exchange relevant information and experience.

  • quarterly meetings

Working Group Technology

The working group is the ideal platform for exchange between industry and manufacturers, on technical details and technological innovations. The BREKO Technical Advisory Board provides the working group with further competences. The Advisory Board is composed of experts from the telecommunications industry and advises the BREKO Executive Board, based upon many years of professional expertise.

  • quarterly meetings

Project Groups

Currently, there are the following project groups:

EU Review, Building Networks, Data Retention, Data Centre

- project groups are set up temporarily with the objective to implement specific tasks

Do you have questions about the membership or would like to become a member? Get in touch with us:

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